You just found something very rare…

Fitness Training that is actually accessible. Why is it so accessible? It’s FREE.

You heard that right. It’s FREE. It’s not a sample, it’s not a gateway to some other website, and its not from a big company pushing a diet pill or supplement on you – it’s solid information and help from a real certified trainer, ME.

Nathan Kendrick, NASM-CPT

(Nathan Kendrick, NASM-CPT)

Who am I? I’m a regular guy that fell in love with fitness. It was absolutely life changing. I wanted to share that experience and excitement with others so I worked to become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.

I furthered my education, earned my credentials, and honed my training with more experience in and out of the gym environment. I had the fire lit.

I quickly realized something that really bothered me though.

Many of the people I met that wanted training the most were among the ones least able to afford it.

To make matters worse, most people where I live fell into that category. The people I wanted to help couldn’t entertain the idea because of the cost – and realistically I didn’t have enough time to trade for free in person to help them all. Thus the idea for this project was born.

I became a trainer because I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I knew an online format could reach more people because I had seen the reach and communities of other online trainers. It’s a proven method but too many trainers out there just see it as a cash cow, and still charge prices that shut out many people, or scare away those curious about fitness.

Personal Training needs to stop being a luxury item and be more accessible to people. Let’s face it: Personal Training can be EXPENSIVE.

Having access to the legitimate information to live a healthy lifestyle is vitally important. The United States, my country, along with other Western countries in particular are seeing an epidemic of obesity, and chronic illness. Interest in fitness has gone UP, and so has OBESITY. Why? Because much of what information is out there for free that gets pushed on the public is WRONG.

Bad information is pushed on you from companies selling supplementation, fad diets, complicated (and ineffective) home machines, new “medical” spa procedures, and shoddy trainers that lack real knowledge about how the human body works. It’s a recipe for disaster.

I want this to be your refuge from that mess. I want it to be open for all who are genuinely interested in improving their health and wellness. I want it to be a place with community where you feel welcome. I don’t require you to pay. I will make pay purely optional – you can pay nothing at all, or pay whatever amount you want, whenever you want if you want to contribute to this. You don’t need to sign up for anything, and this isn’t some free trial period.

This will be an ongoing project and something that I devote time to building up each day with Articles/Blogs, Work Outs, Instructions, and other content to help you be the best version of you.

I am truly excited about getting you on the path to a healthier, happier life!

Your future can shine. It’s your chance.

Once again, WELCOME! Thank you for being here.

- Nathan

PS: This place is brand new! It may be sparse right now but it’s going to grow so I ask for your patience! If you have any questions check out my Facebook page to contact me.

"Just finished my training session with Nathan! I have learned so much today! Building my strength and core! He is a great teacher!"



Thanks Nathan for your encouragement and guidance in my quest to lose some weight and get more fit. Your advice and informative articles give me inspiration. The personal exercise plans are great! I have lost 22 pounds so far!



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