The Fitness Industry

The fitness industry can be full of smoke and mirrors.

Thousands of photos of super-lean models flood the feeds of social media with promises of looking just like them if you only buy their supplement or diet plan.

You won’t find that from me.

I am not pushing any supplement pills, powders, accessories, miracle diets, or drugs, or any other “shortcuts” to “get fit fast”, and I don’t answer to any company.

Let me be clear here: There are NO shortcuts. Proper training takes planning, effort, and consistency. It’s a LIFESTYLE change that has to happen if you want lasting results.

Many of the models and other professionals you see advertising their products and services on all media aren’t being honest about how they got their results and are more concerned about pushing supplements.

Don’t waste time looking for shortcuts or an easy, effortless method because that just doesn’t exist. Make a decision to change, and put in the work. Do things right to begin with.

- Nathan

(Throwback post from November 2018)


Author: nathankendrick

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